Vulnerability Patch Management

Improve the efficiency and speed of vulnerability remediation across your IT assets.

With our advanced remediation capabilities, we go beyond patch deployment. To lessen attack risk and accomplish compliance, you may now correct asset misconfigurations, patch operating systems and third-party apps and deploy bespoke software. You may cut down on the expense and complexity of patching vulnerabilities by employing this complete, all-inclusive strategy. Utilize ESDS Automated Patch Management to automatically install updates on laptops, desktops, servers, and remote devices. It works great and is simple to use.

Prioritize, Monitor, and Deploy Patches with ESDS's Patch Management

Best Security with Automatic Patching
Automate your end-to-end tasks of patch management and save time and effort spent on them.
Effortlessly Patch on Multi-OS Systems
Patch Management for Windows, mac OS, and Linux to aid organizations with systems of multiple OSs.
Carry out Exclusive 3rd Party Patch Management
Robust in-built third-party applications patch repository, which constantly gets updated with the latest patches.
Patch Anytime or Anywhere
Get the complete freedom to perform safe and secured patching from the cloud, anytime and anywhere.
Rapid support for latest patches
Information-rich repository with all the latest updates and necessary vendor patches.

Our Patch as a Service

  • Three-tier service intended to give you flexibility regarding what you want to be patched.
  • We keep servers, applications, and endpoints patched, utilizing a phased approach to reduce risk
  • We handle the discovery, setup, patching, and status reporting.
  • Help you achieve legal requirements while reducing the threat footprint facing your organization
  • Reduced workload for your IT and compliance staff thanks to automation and audibility

Key Benefits

  • Reduced risk

    With a staged, automated deployment plan, the issue of needing to continuously monitor and supervise the patch process is resolved.

  • Zero Day Management

    To lower risk, we'll manage and keep an eye out for zero-day releases and collaborate with you to test and deploy them.

  • Integration of backup and snapshot

    We can interface with VMware so that snapshots of your virtual machines are taken before patching occurs, lowering risk and lengthening the time it would take to turn things back in the unlikely event that it happened.

  • Patch Reporting Failure and Rollback

    If a package fails to install properly or causes conflicts or instability after deployment on supported platforms, roll it back.

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