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Improving A Company's Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity breaches are no longer a seasonal occurrence; they are instead a year-round occurrence. Regardless of the size or kind of company, it is now critical to guarantee that a dedicated team has the necessary skills and tools to identify, detect, and defend against cybersecurity breaches. ESDS strives to safeguard consumers from digital and cyber dangers while removing the burden of CAPEX and OPEX investment from the customer. Through its best-in-class SOC Services, ESDS has consistently improved numerous enterprises' digital and cybersecurity posture.
Companies may save money on cybersecurity costs by using ESDS SOC service options, which provide sophisticated protection against breaches and malware. Experienced personnel and Tier III Cloud infrastructure that is certified for multiple Security Standards deliver ESDS SOC offerings.

ESDS SOC Services Include

  • Eagle Eye Service

    Eagle Eye Services is a subscription-based security monitoring solution that ensures Customer Security Posture is maintained and notifies security occurrences with actionable intelligence to ensure quick remediation of Security Incidents.

  • Security InSight Services

    Customers may use Security InSight Services to assess the existing security posture of their information systems and, as a result, the enterprise. ESDS Security InSight Services also aids in the identification of important security aspects that may need to be introduced to the environment in order to achieve the customer's desired security posture.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

    As systems get more complicated, additional vulnerabilities are discovered on a regular basis. From a technical standpoint, the ESDS Vulnerability Assessment detects, evaluates, and prioritises your organization's computer environment's information security strengths and weaknesses.

  • Total Secure Services

    The scope of Total Secure Services includes all Eagle Eye Services deliverables. In addition, the following will be included in the Total Secure Services package:

    • Security problems are dealt with in a proactive manner, with consumers kept informed

    • In the event of a significant security issue, an ESDS Security expert will be available on-site to mitigate or advise on the resolution of the issue.

    • ESDS Security Experts will visit the customer on a regular basis to analyse their security environment. Customers should also be given tips and best practises.

    Total Secure Services additionally demands that the customer use Security Augmentation and Assessments so that ESDS can have a comprehensive picture of the customer's environment and execute all of the suggestions.

Why Choose ESDS SOC Services

Offerings Based On Services
SOC's services are all subscription-based and based on a service model. By reducing unnecessary expenditures, all SOC services follow an OPEX model rather than a CAPEX strategy.
Ingenious Solutions And Products
All of the goods & solutions given by SOC services are totally made in the United States, & they are supported by more than 15 years of industry expertise.
Complete Data Protection
By hosting data within Indian geographical bounds in Rated-III Indian Data Centers, the SOC Services provides comprehensive company security.
Industry Standards Observance
All of ESDS SOC Services' activities adhere to the most recent industry standards and guidelines thats keeps you thoroughly updated

How SOC Can Help

  • Service Offerings That Aren't Expensive
  • Industry Appreciation
  • Obtain a More In-Depth Understanding
  • Alliances & Partners You Can Trust
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