Cloud Readiness Assessment

Identify The Right Cloud Strategy For Your Business

In the current world of uncertainties, there is always an increasing mandate to respond to the market changes with new products or offerings in almost no time all the while keeping a tight budget. In addition, constant development around technology has resulted in ad-hoc infrastructure solutions that are complex to work with and expensive to manage.
ESDS’s cloud readiness assessment provides your organization with the clarity of vision and concrete steps required to successfully adopt cloud. As cloud agility and elasticity are increasingly being sought after by companies, a formal organizational review and cloud migration assessment serves an invaluable function for achieving these goals.
The cloud computing is helping organizations accelerate the pace of change and facilitate new ways of interacting with customers and doing business. But some questions arise from the decision to undertake a cloud transformation journey that needs to be addressed before commencing the migration process:
  • How should I prioritize my infrastructure's components that need to be moved to the cloud of preference?
  • How do I define the right cloud strategy, ensuring that my systems will not require an expensive and time-consuming re-architecture once moved to the cloud?
  • Without frustrating internal customers, how can I craft a cloud readiness strategy that will swiftly move ahead?
  • How should I coordinate my workflows and procedures to capitalize on the agility of the cloud model?
  • How do I align the need for cloud services with low budget?
  • These are complex questions to answer. For a Migration to be successful, your cloud readiness strategy has to be tailored to address your specific business requirements and industry imperatives and opportunities.
  • Developing a successful cloud readiness strategy is all about building a roadmap of incremental transformations, which will then uniquely address your precise business needs and provide the means to fully enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in the long term.
ESDS Cloud Readiness services tackle these challenges to bring your business the perfect designed strategy

ESDS Cloud Readiness Consulting Services

ESDS's cloud readiness consulting services will help you identify all the challenging aspects you might face on your journey to the cloud. Our expert team will analyze all the opportunities cloud computing can bring to your business. This includes new working methods, innovative ways to interact with your customers, reduced costs and the chance to retire legacy IT systems.
ESDS cloud readiness strategy revolves around the following key aspects:

Business Impact Analysis
We carefully assess and provide you with strategic advisory services on how cloud computing impacts your current and future business models. Also, we will identify the new opportunities created by this new model.

Current State Analysis
Based on our team's extensive technical knowledge, we will evaluate all the technical and business aspects of successful cloud migration. This analysis covers the requirement identification, business and technical process assessment, and security controls evaluation. We carefully consider your employees' skills and devise an all-encompassing cloud readiness strategy that will include people, processes, and technology.

Cloud Readiness Roadmap
Our business and technical experts will work with you to build a detailed cloud readiness strategy. We provide a thorough risk assessment and a cloud adoption roadmap, a business case, and a target architecture.

Cloud Migration Strategy
Our experts will work with you and advise on leveraging all the cloud-native processes and technologies such as DevOps, IaC ("Infrastructure as Code"), Serverless, and much more. We provide you with a detailed model that will enable you to deliver more value to your customers while keeping an eye on the budget.

Why OPT for ESDS Cloud Readiness?

Developing a detailed cloud readiness strategy and an optimal architectural design for your cloud migration requires an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing technologies. However, it also demands a complete understanding of your business processes, IT systems, and interdependencies.

With multiple successful cloud readiness projects already delivered, ESDS is uniquely positioned to offer a unique set of capabilities, that will ensure the success of cloud adoption initiative.

Even if a move to the cloud can be disruptive, with the expertise and insights provided by ESDS Cloud Readiness Consulting services, you will be well-positioned to start your cloud journey without any issues and drawbacks.

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