Cloud Migration

Ensuring Success Through Every Step Of Your Migration Journey

Increasing business and IT demands requires organizations to look for more scalable and cost-efficient solutions for the IT infrastructure needs. Cloud technologies play a critical role in new-age business requirements. Suppose your organization has decided to grow with cloud technologies' proven and compelling benefits. In that case, ESDS experts will develop a cloud migration strategy that will protect current infrastructure and data and accelerate time-to-market.

Key Benefits of ESDS Cloud Migration Services

Our experts combine years of experience running our own cloud and proven industry-leading techniques to build a custom cloud migration approach explicitly tailored to your organization's needs. ESDS has a wide range of time-tested cloud migration, cloud testing, application migration and other services to optimize performance, agility and security. ESDS consultants, business analysts, data migration engineers and architects deliver a whole range of guidance ans services for the migration needs:
  • We plan and execute the migration of servers, workloads, complex IT infrastructures and applications.
  • We support all PaaS, SaaS and IaaS models and all infrastructures – private, public and hybrid.
  • We help you avoid any disruptions and downtime without compromising security and compliance.
  • We provide hands-on support throughout your entire migration process.
  • We optimize your infrastructure and perform cloud testing after the cloud migration process has been completed.

Critical Steps Of Enterprise-Level Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is a complex process therefore it requires thorough preparation and planning. To make a strategic migration to the cloud, careful analysis should be performed with subsequent migration strategy development, selecting the best cloud services, migration approach and steps to get there. Our clear path and roadmap to the cloud will fast-track your migration process ensuring security, stability and peak performance:
Current assets, pain points, systems, application dependencies, infrastructure evaluation and assessment.
Project plan and target state architecture design that will maximize desired business outcomes.
Lean migration plan and strategy development that moves enterprise workloads, optimizes them for the cloud.

Execute Your Cloud Migration for Sustained Success

Your Step-By-Step Guide For Your Journey Into The Cloud
Picking the right migration strategy is key to getting the very best out of the cloud. A smart approach ensures you can accelerate innovation, boost efficiency, and build competitive advantage.

Plan Better
Ensure that the app is well suited for cloud, and the new design and cloud architecture are effective. Dynatrace provides essential insights about the current application – architecture, usage, resources, dependencies, and more - for accurate assessment and optimized design.

Move Faster
Problems during cloud migration impact service delivery and cause delays. Leverage automated root-cause analysis, prioritized on end user impact. Ensure a faster, smoother migration by resolving problems faster, and even stopping faulty code builds before they reach production.

Operate Simpler
Ensure that your new cloud-based environment meets expectations for service delivery. AI ensures fast, proactive problem detection and resolution, eliminating war rooms and reducing TCO. Seamlessly transition your operations - ESDS automatically links application services before and after migration to the cloud.

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