Virtual VAPT

Protect Your Web Assets With A Virtual Defender

With the increasing amount of threats, there could well be flaws and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure with a high chance of them affecting your business. The ESDS Virtual VAPT service includes a thorough security assessment of your web applications / web sites in preparation for CERT-in Certification, as well as regular vulnerability detection using ESDS VTMScan. The tool is now the most unique service in the security market for a thorough security audit of a client's vital web presence.

ESDS Will Deliver This Service In 2 Phases.

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2

Web Application Security Audit by a CERT-in Empaneled Agency

Application Security Audit
The process of actively analysing all components to ensure that they were designed in accordance with security best practises is known as application security auditing. It's a crucial stage in the application certification process. The modules are individually examined for a variety of flaws and attributes during this process. Only if the application demonstrates all of the needed qualities will it pass the review. Errors in development (also known as bugs, flaws, or vulnerabilities) might allow an attacker to obtain access to private information or prevent authorised users access to the Application, both of which could have disastrous consequences. To avoid security weaknesses in the application itself, an application security audit is critical. It increases the application's dependability, stability, and performance. The application testing results are presented in a thorough report that highlights the vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for limiting the risk.
Application Security Testing
Functional testing and internal logic testing are the two forms of testing used to ensure that the Web Application is fully functional. White box testing analyses the efficacy of software programme logic, whereas black box testing assesses the functional working effectiveness. We'd be responsible for the application's Black Box testing. We will conduct role-based functionality testing to identify any security problems in the application because it has multiple roles specified for various users. The first level application audit would reveal the application's vulnerabilities, such as Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection vulnerability, Buffer Overflows, Invalidated Inputs, insecure storage, and so on. The Developers would have to fix these before moving on to the second or third level audits, if necessary.
Security Audit as per OWASP Standard
OWASP is the industry standard for web application testing (Open Web Application Security Project). The OWASP 2017 Top Ten shows a general consensus on which application security issues are the most serious.

VTMScan Annual scanning service for web application (Based on selected plans)

VTMScan Features
  • Domain Reputation
  • LFI Scan
  • CSRF
  • SSL Scan
  • PORT scans
  • RFI Scans
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • WAF Detection
  • SQL injection
  • URL monitoring
  • CMS scan
  • Content Change Monitoring
  • Malware Scans
  • OS Detection
  • Click Jacking
  • Banner Grabbing

VTM Scan

Search Engine Enabled
Automatic CMS Scanning, Agent based Server Side Scanning
Detects Threats
Proactive Scan of Malwares, Security Threats, Infections, Botnets.
Maintains The Health Of Web Servers
Open Port Scanning for Security threats, Mail Server IP Checks.
Prevents Cyber-Attacks On Websites
Specialized protection against zero-day exploits, security advisories, and fully trusted and tested custom website security.
Proactively Anticipates & Detects Flaws
E-Mail Alerts and Warning Alarms concerning compromised Web Pages and Codes, as well as Exclusive Scan Reports are available
Intense Detection
Remote Web-Shell/ Unexpected files detection and CMS specific scanning (Wordpress, Joomla,vBulletin,DNN)

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