DR as a Service

Scalable Disaster Recovery Solution To Guarantee Business Continuity

Your internet presence is crucial to your company's success. Your online assets, i.e. IT resources, must be safeguarded in the event of a disaster, because even a few seconds lost online may cost you a lot of money. In the event that you lose your mission-critical data, data duplication is absolutely necessary.
Get everything you need, including a DR environment with a strategy, people, policy, equipment, process, technology, and Exuberant Support, to ensure that your data is always safe.

Infrastructure, network, administration, and automation augmented by DR services.
On the eNlight Cloud, DRaaS provides you with a single independent DR Site that serves as a backup for your several data centers throughout the world.
You'd be able to eliminate the panic spots with a DRaaS on eNlight. Our clients tell us that ESDS uses best-of-breed technology for Disaster Recovery Management on Cloud, which provides them with an ultra-reliable solution at a low cost.

Plan Your DR On Our Cloud

  • Collaborate with ecstatic DR experts along the way to creating a DRaaS plan for your business type
  • Configure, Deploy, Manage, and Monitor Your Disaster Recovery (DR) Activity
  • Create a best-fit DR plan by combining a variety of resilient resources.
  • It's backed up by a 365-day guarantee. Throngs of support
  • Recognize Your DR Requirements

Check What's For You?

  • DR for Enterprises

    A robust DR architecture may help businesses enhance their business results while maintaining 100 percent uptime and cost-effectiveness.

  • DR For Banks

    Critical Banking Data necessitates a DR architecture that, in combination with data mirroring, ensures the server and network's security. Your personal financial data is safer with DRaaS on the multi-layered eNlight infrastructure.

  • DR For SAP/ERP

    Cross Platform DR built specifically for sophisticated dynamic data creating core functionality in order to provide catastrophe tolerance and high availability

  • Why DR is essential to your Business

    Creates a backup location for your mission-critical data, ensuring complete data security.
    Disaster Recovery is Plan B, where B stands for "Back-Up," and it will keep you running even if your data site is destroyed. It has a direct impact on your business because:

    • Data Management Resilience

    • Costs of DR can be reduced by up to 90%.

    • Low-cost recovery with a short recovery time Infrastructure Hardware (IT and Non-IT)

    • Get the whole DR setup for a third of the price of a DC. During data replication, you only pay for the resources you utilise

    • You don't have to have an identical number of DR sites if you have many data centers internationally.

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