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Organizations have spent a lot of money on IT infrastructure in order to construct a stack that is efficient enough to keep up with their business demands. Almost 80% of the time, Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) invest in technology that does not meet their business needs, and even when it does, they do not get a return on their investment. We established a one-of-a-kind Cloud, the world's only Double-Patent Cloud, to provide modern commercial advantage through indigenous technology. The ESDS eNlight Cloud is a fantastic platform for modernising workloads because to sophisticated Auto-Vertical Scaling, which estimates resources in real time and continually boosts application performance. On the extremely adaptable ESDS eNlight Cloud, businesses are seeing increased operational efficiency and lower expenses.
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Why Choose ESDS eNlight Cloud/Public Cloud
On the eNlight Cloud, businesses of all sizes are transforming their processes and applications. eNlight Cloud, which stands for Elastic, Scalable, and Secure, is a computing environment that incorporates intelligent resource provisioning and a new billing mechanism that helps organisations save a lot of money. Pay-Per-Consumption pricing allows organisations to pay only for the IT resources used, rather than the total amount of IT resources available, as determined by a Smart Resource Predictor tool. eNlight Cloud, which is built on many levels of protection, provides enterprise-grade security services for a more secure and dependable Cloud environment. Users may quickly manage their Cloud and monitor Virtual Machines (VMs) using an easy and web-based management panel, allowing for seamless company operations.

Transparent Billing Model
Optimum utilization of compute resources with Pay-Per-Consume billing model
Multi-Hypervisor Support
Deploy Hypervisors such as HyperV, VMware or XenServer for seamless virtualization
Auto - Vertical Scaling
Optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads through Patented Scaling Technology
Unique Features of eNlight Cloud
eNlight swears by fully redundant multi-server solutions because they provide you the ability and control to accomplish more. When you're on the eNlight, you gain everything and lose nothing. With its cloud characteristics, eNlight establishes a distinct identity that may be further modified.
Auto-Scalability on eNlight
Now, Operate on Usage, Scaling While the majority of companies talk about scaling, eNlight focuses on Usage Scaling. The powerful eNlight utility-based resource provisioning dynamically implies that RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and other resources are scaled up only when they are needed. It may produce proactively computed results of real resources in use and those not in use since it is intelligent. It automatically chooses whether to scale up or down depending on the scenario. In case of eNlight, you never stop and shut your server down, because eNlight performs a live server reboot.
Pay Per Consume on eNlight
Get the Twin Benefit, Try the eNlight for Cost Effective Pay Per Consume if you've implemented cost-effective steps in the cloud. eNlight is, in general, a cost-effective option. Simultaneously, you only have to pay for CPU, RAM, and bandwidth when the VM is active; otherwise, you simply have to pay for storage. Offload your expenditures during non-peak hours. You may reduce costs of idle resources and hidden fees or surcharges with the most transparency in the Pay Per Consume billing model, saving a bag full of rupees.
Flexibility on eNlight
Customize, Match and Get Perfect, eNlight is defined by the permutations and combinations of your requirements. It provides you the freedom you've always wanted by flawlessly fitting into your business plan. You name it, and eNlight will make it happen. We let our users handle it all, from the very first eNlight deployment through dynamic resource provisioning and scheduling, since we know what it takes to provide you with a business-ready cloud.
Cloud Services Management
Smartly Manage, Monitor, Back Up and More, For eNlight, a simple, user-friendly, intuitive control panel can handle any of its cloud types, making everyday server maintenance easier and, most all, fully automating it. Through proactive intelligent monitoring of server performance, the cloud irons out the difficulties of server or hardware failure. Our web-based panel allows you to monitor server activity from anywhere in the globe. Following live VM snapshots, eNlight provides live backups, resulting in zero data loss and zero downtime.
Live Migration
Keep Moving, Never Stop, Other cloud providers may not have a capability that enables for server movement without interruption. There is no need to reboot your server while transferring to another server, auto scaling, upgrading your apps, or even backing up using eNlight. eNlight does everything on the fly, so you don't have to. This capability is provided by eNlight's infrastructure, which is made up of the following components:
  • eNlightened VMs
  • Intel Nehalem Processors in each node
  • Fibre Channel Disk Storage
  • Dual Storage Controllers
  • Internet Connectivity from Multiple Providers
  • Multiple Cisco 6509 routers with 1.4 Tbits processing power
  • Gigabit / Fast Ethernet Cisco switches in other network layer
Business Groups computing on eNlight Cloud
The eNlight cloud is used by anybody who wants to deploy, create, innovate, store, or retrieve compute data with high speed, security, and flexibility. The fact that businesses are doubling their income just by implementing cloud computing solutions is confirmed by eNlight. Our faith in computers, particularly in the Cloud, allows us to demonstrate our eNlightened talents, which are purposefully focused on generating money for your company.
Small Scale Enterprises
What are you searching for in a cloud as an SMB? Well, optimal resource usage, whether in terms of computing or cost. Because eNlight is intelligent by nature, it only allocates resources based on need. Why should eNlight pay for resources that aren't being used? While eNlight takes care of your cost worries, you must also be confident in our multi-layered eNlight infrastructure's high level of security. Furthermore, the cloud fits the ideal set of needs you provide, no matter how basic or complicated they are, removing any unnecessary compute characters from your account. As a result, using eNlight, SMBs may choose to utilise rather than lose.
Large Scale Enterprises
As a well-established company, you definitely place a premium on the quality and security of cloud operations. eNlight puts you in a position (whether private, hybrid, or public) where you may achieve your core goal of smooth hosting without sacrificing anything.
eNlight For Banks
Your financial organisation may save money while preserving data security and regulatory compliance using eNlight. eNlight is a safe platform for exploring cloud computing for optimal productivity in banking processes. It was developed in accordance with ISO requirements.
Individual Entities
You made the decision to go to the cloud for a variety of reasons, including easy data access from anywhere, real-time data transfer, and, of course, cost-effective data storage. The flexible eNlight provides you the benefits of the cloud, so you don't have to search elsewhere for your personal computing needs. The built-in eNlight technology allows you to work quicker and smarter than ever before. Simply register on eNlight to organise, share, modify, distribute, and develop. Your data is an asset owned by eNlight, and we treat it as if it were our own.
Programmers & Test Engineers
Innovate with the cutting-edge eNlight. On eNlight, you may host, create, design, module, re-module, and explore everything. Experiment on our private or hybrid cloud to broaden your horizons, since eNlight instals quicker than you can dream. Simply join up and begin delivering. With a strong cloud, you can take control of the web. We want you to make the most of your coding abilities, thus we propose eNlight for convenience of use.
Run Your Mobile Apps on eNlight!
Use APIs that have been developed to offer performance in your mobile applications. eNlight's multi-tenant design allows you to create web-based apps, social networking apps, and more. As soon as the marketplaces improve, you'll be able to scale your apps quickly.
Pay as per Consumption Billing
eNlight adheres to its pledge of "Pay-as-per-Consumption" in contrast to standard IT billing methods. We put you in the driver's seat with eNlight. Your Cloud computing expenditures will be limited to the resources you utilise with eNlight, with no additional fees or surcharges. You are only charged for the resources that you use, not for those that are allotted to the VM. The Pay-as-You-Go plan helps you keep track of your spending by paying you nearly nothing during off-peak hours. When using eNlight cloud, you only pay for the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth consumed when the VM is active; when the VM is not active, you simply pay for the server's storage. You cease paying for the VM once it is destroyed.
Billing Predictor
Get the unique Predictor tool to check actual resource utilisation and see real-time benefits on eNlight Cloud Technology, which allows you to examine your actual resource usage as well as the advantages of switching to eNlight. It's easy to use and may make a big difference in your IT budget by allowing you to prepare ahead of time.
eNlight Cloud Security
To guarantee that your activities run smoothly, eNlight has been built to meet all security needs and to combat any risks that exist in today's online environment. With eNlight cloud, you can be certain that your application, website, information, and database are safe from hackers. To strengthen our clients' faith and confidence in us, we ensure that their data is kept completely secret. By implementing proper security precautions, we follow the norms and regulations. We are qualified and experienced in ensuring entire protection against data theft and information leaks, as well as reducing risks and simplifying server security.
Physical Security
ESDS' expertise in designing and constructing cutting-edge, completely secure datacenters has been used to the eNlight Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. To ensure complete security, we adhere to the tightest regulations. Professional security personnel monitor physical access to eNlight Infrastructure across the premises. Throughout the premises, modern security systems such as video surveillance, biometric access control, motion and entrance detection cameras with alarms are installed. Our seven-layer security guarantees that only Authorized Personnel have access to the Datacenter Premise, and all visitors must produce identification before being led by a member of our staff. Only a few personnel with genuine reasons and business purposes have access to datacenter information and access.. All access to ESDS Datacenter is duly recorded and regularly audited to maintain a strict check.
eNlight Security Standards
Our services are certified with the following standards to ensure maximum security
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 20000 / BS 15000
  • ISO 27001 / BS 7799

Secure Cloud Infrastructure
Data is stored on corporate storage systems with several security levels by eNlight Cloud. The best practises used to store eNlight data, such as storage isolation from the public network and thick provisioning of storage to prevent sharing, add to these security layers. For further data protection, eNlight uses hardware virtualization technologies to isolate cloud servers at the hypervisor layer. This explicit virtualization of physical resources creates a distinct boundary between the guest and the hypervisor, allowing for even more secure isolation. Customer instances do not have access to raw disc devices; instead, virtualized discs are supplied. The eNlight Virtualization layer immediately resets a customer's storage chunk, preventing data from being exposed to the other.
Server Isolation & Security
The isolation layer duplicates cloud resources (processors, memory, storage, and so on) inside eNlight's secure environment to meet the original server's execution needs. Servers and applications may function on the eNlight cloud "as is," with no need for modification or redesign, and with no downtime. The closely integrated components of eNlight may be readily expanded to provide server, application, and data security on physical, virtual, and cloud servers, as well as virtual desktops. To help you simplify security operations, eNlight Cloud provides a complete, centrally managed platform.
Storage Security
Employees of ESDS are not allowed to see the content of the files you put in your eNlight account; they can only see the metadata (file names and locations). Storage servers are safely tucked within a Private Network, which isolates them from the public network and eliminates any hazards and attacks that the Internet offers. Without traversing the Internet, traffic to and from eNlight Cloud stays within the company firewall. Our controlled routing regulations also define which users are permitted to access Cloud resources.
Network Isolation
Network virtualization methods are used by eNlight Cloud to segregate multiple networks on the same hardware and hence allocate resources accordingly. This provides good isolation as well as controlled network resource sharing across users. Viruses and worms cannot spread into the isolated network of eNlight Cloud, and hostile users and external applications cannot target eNlight servers because they lack the authentication credentials necessary to establish connection within eNlight's Isolated Network.
Network Security
Every client is assigned to a VLAN in the backend, which is managed by an L3 switch. This mitigates minor network flaws while also providing considerable protection against common network security concerns like as DDoS attacks, Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks, IP Spoofing, Port Scanning, and packet sniffing by other tenants. The operating system (OS) of the host, the virtual instance OS or guest OS, and the firewall all offer security. Some of the features of eNlight' Network Security are:
  • Private VLANs.
  • Optional hardware firewall or load-balancing.
  • Anti-spoof / anti-sniff firewall technology.
  • Customer isolation in public cloud.
  • ARP access list used to avoid man-in-middle kind of attacks and IP thefts.
  • On request dedicated Firewall Provision with SSL and IPsec VPNs.
  • High end Cisco anomaly detector with sophisticated algorithms to analyze the traffic.
  • High end Cisco anomaly Guard, capable of handling 1Gbit/s traffic, to protect network from DDoS attacks.
  • Out of Path Traffic filtering system to block malicious traffic without affecting normal traffic.

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