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A Proactive Vulnerability Assessment Tool Protecting Your Website And Web Assets

Cloud computing and surfing technologies, as well as online applications and services, have grown in importance and become critical components of company operations. However, with inadequate web security thresholds, your business applications are at danger of data theft and breaches. We developed VTM Scan, a full online scanning solution, to alleviate these concerns about such losses due to cybersecurity assaults. VTM Scan checks for OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities, SQL Injections, and Cross-Site Scripting, among other online threats and cyberattacks. VTM Scan provides consumers with total website protection by conducting a comprehensive security check.
Additional services offered by VTM Scan include domain reputation, reverse IP check, CMS scan, and port scanning. Its deep scan tool performs a rigorous and granular examination of the website, avoiding any loopholes, and then generates a complete report with a category-by-category list of all vulnerabilities.

Why VTM Scan

A multi-layered secure VTM Scan lets your business take control by securing your sensitive and critical data
OWASP Top-10
VTMScan detects the Top-10 vulnerabilities released by OWASP
Cross-Site Scripting(XSS)
Scanning webpage for GET & POST request detecting XSS Attacks
Domain Reputation Check
VTMScan checks whether the domain is listed across various databases like- Google, SURBL, Malware Patrol, Clean MX and PhishTank.
Content Change Monitoring
VTMScan creates time-to-time snapshots of a website. It compares snapshots with the website's current state and informs of any changes observed on the website.

Protecting The Digital Identity Of Your Businesses

  • VTM Scan Architecture
  • Plans & Packages
  • Key Indicators

Standard Scan Plans

Domains: 2 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 4

Annual Cost: ₹349 249

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹3499 2499


Enterprise Scan Plan

Domains: 2 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 4

Annual Cost: ₹499 379

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹4999 3749


Standard Scan Plans

Domains: 4 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 8

Annual Cost: ₹599 449

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹5999 4449


Enterprise Scan Plan

Domains: 4 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 8

Annual Cost: ₹949 689

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹4499 6889


Standard Scan Plans

Domains: 10 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 20

Annual Cost: ₹1199 879

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹11699 8779


Enterprise Scan Plan

Domains: 10 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 20

Annual Cost: ₹1669 1249

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹16669 12499


Standard Scan Plans

Domains: 50 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 100

Annual Cost: ₹5669 4249

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹56699 42499


Enterprise Scan Plan

Domains: 50 Domains

Total No. of Scans: 100

Annual Cost: ₹8349 6249

Bulk Buy ( No. of Scans X 12): ₹83349 62499

OWASP Top 10:

Every few years, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) publishes a list of the top 10 vulnerabilities in the field of web application security. ESDS VTMScan identifies these flaws and respects the OWASP guidelines. We search for vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Insecure Deserialization, and Sensitive Data Exposure, and report them along with advice for how to resolve them.

Content Change Monitoring :

Content Change Monitoring is an important feature provided by ESDS VTM Scan. We scan each and every page of the ESDS VTM Scan has a useful tool called Content Change Monitoring. To identify any changes, we scan each and every page of the website. Every modification is tracked across the website, along with its proportion and associated URLs. We start by taking a snapshot of all the web pages, then check each one for modifications and report any abnormalities we find. This tool allows website owners to see if modifications are being made to their website without their knowledge or if the changes are fraudulent.

Malware Scan:

Website defacement check: Website defacement is an attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of the site or a webpage.

  • Forceful redirect injection test.
  • Scans JavaScript code snippets against generic signatures: Checks for JavaScript’s deprecated and vulnerable functions like eval, base64_decode, char etc. Checks for iframes.
  • A special algorithm developed to detect JavaScript Obfuscation: Obfuscation used to convert vulnerable codes into an unreadable format.
  • Third-party link checks: It checks third party links with reputation databases.
  • Malware Monitoring primarily focuses on the detection of- JavaScript, iframe & Defaced keywords. JavaScript is scanned for malicious code. The site is also scanned for deface keywords like- ‘hacked by’, ‘compromised’, etc.


Protect your customers and safeguard your website and web application with ESDS VTMScan.

  • Find similar looking domains.
  • URL hijacking - The URL hijacking can be similar to the victim’s website address (e.g. esds.co.in): and also it may be of the following types -
  • A common misspelling, or foreign language spelling. Eg- site: eads.com
  • Misspelling like a typographical error. Eg - site: essd.com
  • Swapping letters within the name Eg- site: essd.com
  • Different domain name. Eg - site: esds.org
  • Corporate intelligence.
  • Homoglyph advance phishing attack detection.
  • Punycode phishing attack detection.

CMS Scan:

Protect your customers and safeguard your website and web application with ESDS VTMScan.

  • Very few scanners provide this feature.
  • Detect Wordpress, Joomla, vBulletin, Drupal.
  • Scan Themes, Plug-ins, unprotected admin area.
  • User enumeration.
  • Brut forcing for simple password detection.
  • FPD - File Path Disclosure scanning.
  • Detect CMS in all directories.

Domain Reputation Check:

Domain reputation in Google, SURBL, Malware Patrol, Clean-Mx, Phishtank,Sorbs, Spamcop, Abusech, Isc.

Google, SURBL, Malware Patrol, Clean MX, PhishTank, Sorbs, Spamco p,Abusech,Isc - ESDS VTMScan analyses if your domain is listed in these databases. These companies have databases that contain IP addresses and domains that are used to extract data for malware, spamming, and phishing.

Mail server IP Check in 58 RBL repositories:

IP addresses on RBLs (Real-time Blackhole Lists) are those whose owners refuse to stop spam from spreading. RBL compiles a list of server IP addresses from a variety of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) whose customers are spammers. RBL also keeps track of ISPs whose servers have been used to transmit spam. The mail server IPs in 58 such RBL repositories were checked using ESDS VTMScan.

Robust Link Crawling:

Link crawling is the process of collecting all of the website's websites (URLs). It assists us in determining how many websites our website has and what these pages are about. The website owner can also double-check whether or not these pages are genuine.

  • Crawls links from web pages, robots.txt, iframes, hacker’s favourite search engines, directory indexes, and directory traversals.
  • Check admin and directory busters.
  • Directory access check.

SSL Scan:

ESDS VTMScan checks for SSL Poodle, BEAST, CRIME, Heartbleed, DROWN,SSL grade check,SSL Certificate check etc.

In SSL Check, the following areas are checked:

  • NULL Cipher used or less than 128 bits.
  • Domain uses an invalid security certificate.
  • Domain uses an expired security certificate.
  • Domain uses a security certificate which expires today (EOD).

Local File Inclusion (LFI):

Local File Inclusion (LFI) is a method of injecting a file or script on a server via a web browser, allowing local directory traversals and characters to be injected if the page is not sanitised. Sensitive information is exposed as a result of this attack.

Remote File Inclusion (RFI):

Remote File Inclusion (RFI) is an attack that looks for vulnerabilities in a web application and uses a script on the web browser to include a remote file. The criminal intends to use an application's functionality to upload malware from a different domain.

Data Leak:

Data Leak's new functionality has been released. Unauthorized data transmission from an organisation to an external destination is known as data leakage. VTMScan determines whether or not a data breach has happened and shows the results in the form of a correct list under the page source. VTMScan sends forth relevant signals like this.

DMARC Inspector:

ESDS VTMScan DMARC inspector validates DMARC, SPF records and check for email spoofing is possible or not.And also validates DKIM records.

Page Content Scan:
  • Information disclosure: VTMScan examines the URL to see if sensitive information has been published. IP addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other types of sensitive information are examples. VTMScan searches the whole site for this type of information and alerts you to it.
  • View State Checker: To reduce the risk of someone interfering with the data contained in the ViewState, it's a good idea to encrypt it. The ViewState data in the target web application is not encrypted. VTMScan recognises ViewState and determines if it is strong or weakly encrypted.
  • Email Spoofing Checking: Email spoofing is the act of sending emails from a fake sender address. The VTMScan email spoof checker determines whether or not emails may be faked.

Detailed Investigation
An AL-based platform that analyzes massive amounts of unstructured data from the deep, dark, and open webs, as well as internal data, to reveal insight that can be applied to business decisions. Investigative officers can leverage the platform to uncover social whereabouts and hidden connections between entities and focus on the most important leads and pieces of information within a sea of unstructured data.
Decrypt visual data
An extensive visual intelligence platform that provides a full suite of visual data analysis capabilities. The platform uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to ensure that entities and their relationships are automatically mapped, including the nature of those relationships, objects are detected, texts are extracted, and more. Your business gets the right insights into visual data using Voyager Vision, regardless of the source.
Detailed entity relationship mapping
Identify the connections among your key leads by generating an instant relationship map.
Lists creation
Create lists into your investigation to unravel suspicious entities.
Any visual data source
Cross-validate, expand, and enrich the investigation using visual and meta data from any source.
Object detection
Quickly identify images of objects related to the investigation

How VTMScan Can be Beneficial

Search Engine
Friendly Threats
Enhanced Detection
Protects Website
Attacks Proactive Flaw Spotting
In depth Intense Detection

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