About us

The Digital Transformation Catalyst

Trusted by top organizations because of our cutting-edge solutions and cloud-based services which streamline business operations and accelerating revenue growth. From Innovating Community Clouds to creating a Patented Cloud platform, ESDS consistently creates solutions that disrupt conventional IT practices and contribute to the creation of significant corporate value. Our dependable services have earned the trust of prestigious enterprises, financial institutions, and large banks.
For us, it is rewarding to see our exuberant support helping businesses achieve operational supremacy. Our certified support professionals take care of minute service concerns through a proactive approach which comforts our customers and assures them of our performing nature.

Our Vision

Co - creating a Technologically Advanced Greener Planet

Our Mission


"Touching Lives of 1B+ people"
It is estimated 915 million Indians will be connected to the internet by 2026. ESDS has managed to connect more than 380 Million Indians, and it is our mission to take this number to 1 Billion Indian Citizens by 2024. We are touching lives of more than a billion people with advanced technologies.

"Connecting 1B+ Smart Devices"
ESDS aims to connect more than billion smart devices with its business solutions enabling a digital future. ESDS backs the largest pan-India project of smart meters. We are continuously striving to connect intelligent devices to auto-scalable eNlight cloud.

"Unicorn in Make in India Advanced Technology"
Make in India' Advanced Technology has proven to be instrumental in boosting manufacturing and IT sectors in India. Currently, India is the fourth-largest destination in creating unicorns. ESDS aims at delivering tech-advanced services to businesses and get recognized as a leading Unicorn from India.

"Raising 1B+ Trees"
We are on a mission to plant and raise more than a billion trees. ESDS is embracing the green revolution by distributing more than one lakh seeds across the nation. Millions of people support our tree planation drives pan-India. ESDSians have been actively contributing to making our motherland greener by giving back more than what we receive.

ESDS Core Values

Exuberant Support
The goal and passion of ESDSians is to see happy customers. Our people desire to delight a customer with their technical expertise, promptness & their urge to surpass their customer's expectations. A single query posted by the customer becomes a potential goal to achieve.
Proactive Approach
Our people are constantly looking out for opportunities to grab. At every step, they are watching for possibilities to get better & improvise wherever they see a potential. Besides, their own scope of work is extensive. When starting a new day at work, we question ourselves of how can we be better than yesterday.

Continuous Knowledge Enhancement
We are hungry, we are foolish. ESDSians, you could say, are seekers, learners & explorers. It is our passion to acquire a first-hand in technology, which urges us to add new skills and enhance personal, interpersonal and leadership behavior. ESDSians are curious about feedback, we like to know our plusses and minuses. We believe this helps us to actively work to improve ourselves.
Organization above Team and Self
Our people go beyond self and team to run the extra mile for the overall benefit of our customers, partners & ESDS. Our people are self-driven to achieve ESDS's goals and objectives with an attitude of keeping the organization above self and team.

Respect and Care for Fellow ESDSians
Respect for us isn't just about uttering a polite word or expressing concern; it means considering an ESDSian to be of high regard, valuing their opinions, respecting differences and upholding their self-esteem. We aim to care for each other in a manner that promotes trust, openness and personal growth in a healthy environment.
Love for Environment
If we take something from the society, it is our duty to give back to the society. ESDSians are nature lovers.

Our Leadership

Rajesh Gaikar
Head, International Operations
With over 20 years of valuable professional experience, he possess a profound expertise in Operations, Client Relationship Management, and Alliance Management. Throughout his career journey, he has had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants such as Wipro, IBM, and ESDS in the dynamic realm of technology.
His continuous pursuit of excellence in Operations has equipped him with a keen insight and a proven track record. His tenure at esteemed organizations has nurtured his abilities in networking, infused him with energy, and fueled his unwavering commitment to achieving success. He is dedicated to enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
Drawing from his rich background, he brings forth a unique blend of skills that encompass relationship-building, internal coordination, and fostering strong bonds with external stakeholders. His resolute determination and passion enable him to excel in cultivating exceptional relationships, both within the organization and with external partners. He is enthusiastic about contributing to the growth and prosperity of the projects under his purview.
In summary, his extensive experience and resolute dedication position him well to make meaningful contributions to international projects. He is excited to bring his skills and commitment to the table, ensuring the success of these endeavors while fostering lasting relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
Viraj Nevase
CTO, International Operations,
Viraj Nevase is a seasoned technology professional with over 18+ years of extensive experience in the IT industry. He is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of International Operations at ESDS Software Solution Limited.
Viraj has a profound understanding of Windows and Linux server platforms, providing unparalleled support and solutions to clients in diverse operating system environments. His mastery over these systems ensures seamless services for businesses of all sizes. Throughout his tenure at ESDS, Viraj has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and a customer-centric approach.
In his role as CTO, Viraj leads technological initiatives, aligning them with the company's business strategies in the international market. He excels in implementing and driving innovative solutions, enhancing the efficiency of IT systems, and delivering exceptional customer service. His expertise extends to areas such as cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. Viraj's diverse skills have been applied across various industries, including Banking, Finance, Technology, and Healthcare, highlighting his versatility.
Viraj's journey from being a technologist to becoming a leader is marked by an impressive range of certifications, including Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). As a leader, Viraj has managed teams and mentored and nurtured talent within the organization. His leadership style promotes collaboration and innovation, fostering an environment where excellence is the norm.
Before joining ESDS, Viraj led ERP implementations at Caprihans India Limited, where he demonstrated his project management and team leadership capabilities. His unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and ability to inspire teams make him an invaluable asset at ESDS.

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